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LIFE+ | EVS @ ICDET Weekly diary 10

Let’s start to say that this week was freshly full of new happenings inside ICDET association.

Something is starting, something is finished. Adriana’s internship has come to the end, but before let her leave Ewa had chance to make with her an interview. They spoke about her whole three months here in Bulgaria, Adriana will surprise you once again, I am sure. As I said there was something new this week, or, rather two, we have welcomed two new EVS volunteers inside the organization, we give a warm welcome to Zeynep and Ilker. For two months they will be part of the team, Ewa gave you a sneak peak, soon you will discover more about them in our media portal.

You have notice on ICDETv about mine - Mauro Bellani personal project, I can tell you it is shaping very well, thanks one again to the collaboration on Mr Ivan Ivanov, this week we have chance see more in practicality the things, passing around the limitation and legal assessments.

But the surprises were not finished, we can say, if you cannot go to Hollywood, Hollywood comes to you!”, Yes, because in the last days, our office neighbourhood Druzhba was transformed into a filmset, and we have chance to see how a real film series is shot, facing what is under the production, watch a filmset is set up, how actors and extras act. Everything here looked alike a Chinese neighbourhood, cars, road signals, people, just few steps outside the office and we were few time zones ahead!

We are now preparing ourselves for a cooking show, yes in ICDET we have also culinary talents! Stay tuned because soon we’re delighting your palate.

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