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LIFE+ | Agriculture and rural development for students

Recent studies have shown that the European Union’s urban populations, and in particular young people, feel disconnected from farming as the source of their food. They are also unaware of the wider role played by farmers – in our society and economy – not just in providing food, but also in protecting the environment and natural resources, and in safeguarding the vitality of the countryside and rural areas. This resource pack has been created as a response to this missing connection.


The pack is a collection of ready-to-use teaching and learning resources which aims to raise awareness among Europeans aged 11-15 of the importance of food and farming for Europe.

It is designed to be used by teachers from a wide range of disciplines – for example geography, science, citizenship, economics, European studies, home economics, agricultural science, information and communications technologies and social science.

Through a selection of diverse and complementary tools and activities, teachers can help students explore three relevant themes: food, the environment and the countryside. It is not intended to provide tools for teaching policy per se to students, but to show how agriculture benefits all citizens.

There is a module for each of the three themes, food, the environment and the countryside. Each module contains:

  • a brief introduction for teachers outlining its learning objectives along with links to resources

  • worksheets with learning activities for students

  • a project outline for students proposing a cross-curricular project on the theme of the module

Simply download the whole Pack in one go!

Also check out the Common Agriculture Policy of the European Union in your country!

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