Updated: Apr 1, 2020

ADEFIS INTERNATIONAL YOUTH: There will be a seminar that will take place in Las Rozas de Madrid from 18th to 25th of August, 2019. It will be about the new slavery of the XXI century subsidized by the European Commission through the ERASMUS + Program. The project activity will be carried out through non-formal education and a total of 28 expert workers from 13 organizations from different Euro-Mediterranean areas involved and interested in the subject will participate. The main language to be used will be the English.

El International Seminar "NEW FORMS OF YOUTH SLAVERY OF THE 21ST CENTURY" arises from the need to respond and denounce a new form of juvenile slavery that is appearing in the current world in a covert manner and under favorable environments. It is framed within the Europe 2020 Strategy; whose objective is to promote safe European societies in a context of unprecedented transformations and growing interdependence in the face of global threats, as well as the strengthening of the European culture of freedom and justice.

Currently and according to the International Labor Organization, more than 46 million people in the world are suffering from some form of slavery and the freedom, dignity, physical and emotional integrity of people is being violated.