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E+VENT | YE - Effective Planning

Recent studies showed that Facebook alone gathers more that 5.5 million users for more than 1 hour in on a daily basis in more than one partner countries. Therefore, by involving young people from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Portugal we want to address the issue of irresponsible time spend on Internet and digital devices and instead bringing in front the fact that this time can be spent in more productive ways, such as learning something new as coding is.

The methods that was used in this project are non-formal participative methods such as teamwork, presentations, storytelling, learning by doing and guiding young participants to explore and work together how they can learn coding and use the time spent in front of a screen in a productive way.

The objectives of the project are the following:

– Improve responsibility and productivity in regards to the time spent on digital devices, and develop new skills in digital media for young people.

– Increase career perspectives for our participants, and create a context in which they can develop their skills to learn different things.

Through this project organizers plan to empower young people to be critical and responsible users and producers of information, ensure youth’s careers, and all things involved with educating and training young people in regards with media and digital literacy skills. The project fosters employability and socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life; in a fast-changing world, critical thinking and creativity, as well as forward-looking skills in fields that are strategic for smart economic and social development.


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