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LIFE+ | I love to guide myself

My name is Mert Yigit and I was born in Istanbul, Turkey on 11th of May 2000. I was the last child in the family, until my little sister came. My zodiac sign is taurus. My school life has just ended so fast so i can not remember anything but in high school, my department is PC Accounting, foreign trade, and marketing.

And this is a photo of, principal of the school giving me the gold for my success.

After high school, I won the Akdeniz University / Antalya and I saw so many departments in this school: Banking, Insurance, Finance, statistics, and Marketing again. So I have so much information about those departments.

Erasmus+ is genetic in our family because my sister has used this program 2 times. I was jealous of her so I had to learn English without any help. So i tried my best to go abroad to another country. And here i am now!

Why Bulgaria?

1. Bulgaria is our neighborhood country and it’s open for Turkish people.

As everyone knows, corona vırus affects everything. So I almost lost my chance of going to another country. but thanks to Bulgaria. It is the first country that opened the gates.

2. Great Historical Place to Visit

In history classes we were studying history of the world, so we have knowledge about Bulgaria and her history. So many Turkish people live here, because this country has so many amazing places to visit.

3. Because of ICDET

Actually, when I apply for internship in this organization, i did not expect them to accept me, because it was my first time trying to go abroad. But I search in Internet about this NGO and they have big experience with Turkish people. I am really proud and grateful!

My expectations are big, but I just want to be helpful to this organization, because I already have so many experiences with work, programs and I love to guide myself. But they still have so many things to teach me and I am looking forward to enjoy my first Erasmus experience.


Mert Yigit, intern@ICDET


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