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Hello everyone!

My name is Maria Veronica, I am 25 years old and I am Italian. I live in Monopoli (yes, like the game!), it is a lovely town on the Adriatic Sea in the southern region of Apulia. It is very famous for its beautiful beaches with crystal water and for its 99 contrade (districts) in the countryside.

I enjoy walking near the seaside and in my free time, I like going to my country house. I feel regenerated when I live in close contact with nature and I can put myself to test, because you learn something new every day.

In October 2019, I got my bachelor’s degree in Political Science, International Relations and European Studies at the University of Bari. After that, I continued with the master’s degree and I am currently studying in the same department. I think that the added value in my studies has always been the knowledge of foreign languages. I studied English, French and German in high school and I decided to continue to study them but not for their own sake, but to use them in the international and diplomatic context.

After high school, I started working in a private center for education. Every afternoon I would help students with their homework, I remained there for almost 7 years, until the beginning of the pandemic. I don’t work there anymore but it was a stimulating and formative experience. Now I am a tutor for my university, so I am still doing the same job but on a higher level and who knows, maybe someday I could become a teacher.

I really love to discover new places and learn new things, I really love to speak foreign languages as well. During my studies, I have had the possibilities to take part in some European projects and earn foreign languages certificates. First, I won a scholarship and I went to France to improve my French, then I returned to France for an Erasmus Studio in 2018.

This was one of the best experiences of my life, so I decided to apply for another mobility period but unfortunately, I couldn’t leave because of the pandemic. I was sad but I didn’t give up, so I signed up for an internship to carry out abroad. That’s why I am in Sofia, Bulgaria now and I am part of the ICDET group. I hope to express myself and to develop my project that hopefully will contribute to the growth of the center and will help other young people to be more involved in international experiences that change your life forever.

So, I am ready to start this new adventure and remember: once Erasmus, always Erasmus!


Maria Veronica Fiume, intern@ICDET


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