LIFE+ | Outline of week 28/2021

This week was almost oriented towards the concretization of our ideas into a realistic project and marked the beginning of the actions related to the global project we have in mind.

We began the first day of the week by a focus group after the meeting. It was intended for the second part of our project, that is to say the Shvistov event we want to put in place the week 30. From last week, we had only a rough draft of what the event could encompass so there was a need to dig a little deeper into the subject and provide details to make the project viable.

We agreed on the name of the project (Green your lifestyle) and divided the tasks to arrive at a characterization of the event with categories: description of the context and goals, nature of the participants, the main activities and program, its impact, a summary of the project as a whole …

We also contacted the responsible of Institute Perspectives, the NGO that could welcome us in Svishtov and provide us with some materials and audience to interact with.

I participated in the development of the activities that could be implemented and the summary of the project necessary to present it to any stakeholders who would like to quickly understand what it entails. I also listed with our focus group what we still had to do in the following days in terms of tasks to be ready before the D-day in Svishtov (poster for the communication plan for example).

Then, on Tuesday, we went to Pancharevo Lake for the community clean-up event planned on this day. Following the communication plan established via Facebook