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LIFE+ | YE “Make Social Inclusion Happen” @Costinesti, Romania

The project “Make social Inclusion happen” lasted 10 days from the 19th of September until 29th of September in Costinești (Constanța, Romania). More than 60 participants took part in the project. In the first 2 days, the participants had to go through fun team building activities, bond with each other, learn how to work in teams, and develop abilities to speak in front of a large audience. In the next days the social inclusion started to happen. With activities like “Ask me anything”, “Masks” and “Stand Points”, the participants opened up to one another and educated themselves on different subjects like Muslim religion, LGBTQ+, depression and anxiety, bullying, disability and much more. It was surprising how open everyone was and how willing to learn and to teach the participants were.

“Masks” was an activity aimed to make people open up to each other. Each participant had to draw the mask they use to hide their emotions and thoughts and explain why they chose to hide behind that particular mask. “Stand Points” was an activity that aimed to make people express their own opinions and acknowledge someone else’s. We split the main area into three: one for agree, the other for disagree and the middle one for neutral, then we asked them questions. After everyone was separated, all sides had to choose a representant and to have a debate.

After the main activities the participants had to split up into random teams, travel to Constanța and apply all the social skills they have acquired in public. Every had came up with a different social experiment which they had to do in different places, one of the activities they had come up with was taking pictures of people before and after they were told they were beautiful. The results were truly amazing. Two nights in a row the participants from every country had the chance to share interesting facts about their home land culture. A lot of National dances were shown, games were played, and traditional food was eaten. After the study visit, the participants had time to spend with one another and say their goodbyes and make plans for meeting up again in the future.

Everything that happened on the project can be seen on the


by Ognian Gabrovski


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