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PEOPLE+ | Our participant's photography

Some of our participants in the Youth Exchange "Gamification Exchanges" which took place in Costinesti, Romania decided to share with us their common hobby - the photography. They sent us photographs which they took and gave us the story behind them.


Desislava Pavlova

"I have always loved the photography. I remember when I was a kid I was interested in catching the right moment with my mum's phone, which, you know, it wasn't with a good and fast camera. 3 years ago I received a Canon camera for my birthday and now I realize that this was the best present I’ve ever received and it really changed my life. Now I gain money using my Camera which I call "my baby" and I really love what I do: I love travelling and catching the beautiful Bulgarian nature, I love staying 3 hours in the eye of the storm and trying to catch the lightning (and it is successful) and also love photographing my friends. The main idea of my photos is to present the world I see and to make people happy with the beautiful landscapes. It is an expensive hobby but I would recommend it to everyone who wants to see the world better through the lens."

If you want to see more of her photos you can check out her Facebook page


Zhivko Zhelev

"Hello, my name is Zhivko Zhelev. I am 16 years old and I live in Bulgaria. My current status is a student and I‘m studying architecture, building and planning. I have plenty of hobbies such as film photography, painting, self-knowledge, self-improvement, and little bit of skateboarding. I‘m planning on building a future, including the best and most stabled career for me. Participating in different projects would improve both my language barrier and communicating skills, which would help me with participating in similar projects, connected to my specialization. Also I would like to talk with young people like me, wanting perspective, insured and better future. I would love to hear them out and their points of view, because everybody has different opportunities."


Ivan Milchev

"The best way in which I spend my free time is doing one of the things I love the most – enjoying my hobby.

My hobby is the analog photography. Doing it makes me feel in a quite different and very special way, like creating something new, especially when I capture a good shot or even develop a film by myself. I’m in love with the whole process – loading the camera, calculating the light, setting the aperture and etc. But the thing I love the most about it, is waiting for the film to get developed and scanned so I can see the final results. This kind of art is really different from the others because it allows you to see and enter in the artist’s inner world, in his windy of emotions kingdom."


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