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PEOPLE+ | Photography: from a hobby to a career

Ever since I turned 8 years old, I have been carrying a camera with me on every trip I took. At first, I learnt from my father, who has always been enthusiastic about photography. After many years of using a simple point-and-shoot camera and of struggling with the basics of working with light, colours and shapes, I finally switched to a higher-class camera and started developing a deeper understanding. This is how an initially occasional hobby grew into an insatiable passion for both photography and cinema.

My interest in cinema was born at a later stage, when I was about 14 years old and had just picked up the habit of watching 5-6 films peer week, sometimes even more. The innumerable films I watched immensely improved my film literacy, which was a significant advantage for my first encounters with the seemingly inexplicable magic behind set that gives video and audio life and meaning. In 2018 I stayed at a German film camp near Berlin for two weeks, during which I worked together with other young people on two short films. One of them was directed, and the other one - filmed by me. It was a great experience which convinced me to devote myself to cinema and revealed the secret behind the magic - a combination of creativity, solid organization and teamwork.

Later that year I participated in the Zurich Film Festival 72 with a short film I directed, filmed and edited in three days. Then in 2019 I took part in an arts festival in Vidin, Bulgaria, called "The Bridge", where I shot two more Short Films. Now I will fully concentrate on my passion, as I will start a bachelor’s degree Of Cinema and Audio-visual Production At The University of Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3.


by Teodor Todorov

Participant in

Study visit "See the reality" in Diyarbakir, Turkey


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