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PEOPLE+ | The Sunniest Youth Workers

YE "Art, dance and culture as a tool for education"

IG "Sun" is an informal group of five young people, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. My role in the informal group is to be its leader and legal representative. The informal group has been the hosting organization for two youth exchanges under the Erasmus + frame - "Joy of Being yourself" (JOB yourself) and "EU - This is you". The main topics were youth unemployment for the former and European citizenship for the latter. Youngsters from several European could take part in the Erasmus + programme (most of them for the first time), learn more about the topics and share their own ideas and opinions. Informal group is also active as a partner organization and participated in the preparation, implementation and the follow-up phase of youth exchanges and training courses. One of them is the youth exchange "Art, dance and culture as a tool for education" in Poland.

Informal group "Sun" and its members have also been active on the field of human rights. We were a partner organization in the youth exchange "Youth against terror" in Vilnius, Lithuania and I have recently participated as a group leader in the project "United against hate speech" in Struga, North Macedonia, a multiethnic town in the southwest of the country. We also believe that there is a growing need to raise awareness of the topic of human rights on a local level and currently consider the next steps to make it happen.


by Georgi Nonchev


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