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USE+FUL | Being part of "Interact Club"

It was the start of this school year. The last bell ringed and I ran down the stairs when something cached my eye. It was a poster that said:

Hello friends! To start the year, we at Interact Club Sofia-Balkan would like to invite you to our open meeting on September 27th / Thursday / 19:30h at the cinema.”

The day was 27th and the time was 19:20 so I decided to give it a try. One year later I can calmly say that this was one of my best decisions that I have ever made. Interact Club allowed me to participate in many programs and projects. Such as cleaning our mountain - Vitosha, organizing different events in our school - for Valentine’s Day, Game tournaments, marathons, etc.

We gathered large amounts of food and clothes for the poor areas in our country:

After that, I began to understand much more about community development. I was involved in projects and activities relating to human rights, environment and entertainment. It was a great pleasure for me to contribute to the development of my community through volunteering because the impact was visible.

I even started to see some changes in my character. It became easy for me to smile in difficult situations, to make new friends and just to trust the good in the people and the world. Right now I think that the best way to discover who you are in order to integrate yourself in the society is to volunteer and take part in different discussions and debates. I participate in my school’s philosophy course and team. We have a lesson and a discussion every week and it gives me the strength to push the week. There I get the chance to explore and engage in different ideas and studies in my search of the truth.

Writing my experiences down shows me how much and how little I have done. But reminds me of what I aim. To see, feel, touch, think and breathe. To feel alive!


by: Mina Misheva


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