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USE+FUL | Opportunity for several free digital exchange programs

The programs are designed for different target groups aged between 14 and 21 years. The programs are completely conducted online and start at the end of October and in mid-November. Program language is English. Students can apply directly through our online applications.


Karls Winter Academy “Embracing Diversity and Tackling Inequalities”

Target Group: high school students, young adults, 16 to 21 years, worldwide

Topics: Diversity, inclusion and empowerment, project management skills, Global Competence enhancement

Price: 200 Euros (Scholarships available)

Deadline: October 25


Intercultural Media Academy “Become a European Blogger – Online Journalism at its best”

Dates: October 31 to November 27, 2020

Target Group: high school students, 14 to 17 years, Europe and anyone available for the live sessions

Topics: news/fake news, online journalism, developing a Blog, GCC teen

Price: no program fee

Deadline: October 25


Connected Europe - Join Model European Parliament and discuss sustainability

Dates: November 13 to November 29, 2020

Target Group: high school and university students, young adults, 16 to 19 years, Europe/EU

Topics: European politics, EU parliament, sustainability

Price: no program fee


All programs are funded by the Mercator Foundation and the German AFS Foundation. Therefore, two of the three programs are free of charge; the third one is supported through scholarships.


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