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VIE+W | Find your passion and you will get anywhere

Hi! My name is Marina and I am from Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. Last year I finished my English Studies degree at the University of Lleida, and next year I will be studying the master’s degree to become a teacher. When I was 8 years old, I started to study music in my city’s conservatory and I chose the oboe as my main instrument and piano as the second one.

I continued my high school studies combining them with the musical ones, and I graduated from both in 2016. The fact of studying two different fields at a time helped me to be more organized and focused, but it also showed me how everything is connected, from music to literature or mathematics, an aspect which I always try to keep in mind. Since I did not want to stop with my musical formation, I engaged in several orchestras, in which I continue nowadays. However, as much as I loved music, there was something else I also adored: languages. This is why I chose to study English Studies in the university, at the same time as I started learning German and French.

My four years in university have been one of the most enriching experiences both on a personal and an academic level. I was very passionate about the subjects I took, but especially the ones about literature and culture. That is why for my final degree thesis I focused on how feminism and popular culture are interrelated, how women are portrayed through films and series. Fortunately, this project enabled me to give some talks in my town, thus raising awareness on the importance of media.

But sadly everything good comes to an end. After graduating and going through the typical what-do-I-do-now existential crisis, I decided I wanted to take a gap year between university and further studies to work and travel, so the Erasmus+ experience was the best way to combine both things. I first heard about this program when I entered university, but it was not until my last year when I seriously thought about it. After I received an email explaining what is the EU4EU program, I knew I could not miss this opportunity. And this is how my journey with the Erasmus+ program started.

All my experiences abroad have somehow shaped the person I am today, but there is one in particular which made me realize what it is to be independent, self-worthy and flexible: an Interrail trip with my best friend. After that adventure back in 2016, I could not stop thinking about exploring new cultures, new languages, and new countries, which is one of the reasons why I am here in Bulgaria.

I hope this stay at ICDET helps me to improve my personal, interpersonal and professional skills while enjoying it as much as I can.


Marina Palau, intern@ICDET


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