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LIFE+ | Welcome on VOLUNTEER@ICDET Damla!

I am Damla Bozkurt. I was born in Odemis/İzmir/Turkey in 1995. I graduated from department of Psychological Counselling and Guidance, Marmara University in 2018. During my university I had the chance to take part in Erasmus Programme in Würzburg, Germany which gained me experience of communicating with people from other countries.

Now, I am in Sofia as a volunteer for Erasmus+. I am here for ICDET. This is an international center for development and education. This is a really good opportunity for me because, I am working in a human resources consulting company in Turkey. We have 2 different departments in there. One of them is Assessment Center and the other is Development. I am interested in both. But the area in which I want to work in future is Development. Because as I mentioned before, I graduated from Psychological Counselling and I want to be Development Coach and Trainer in Human Resources. I want to organize some educational sessions and motivational games for companies. Therefore, being part of ICDET team is a very good opportunity for me.

In here, I can integrate both my Psychology education and work experience and I can create my own project about Human Resources and Erasmus+. I can prepare both articles and some videos related to business life for young people who want to step into their working life. Articles and videos can be about 21th Century competencies such as self-learning and digital mind-set. And I can think about how can I integrate them with Erasmus+. In this respect, I can make some interviews with human resources managers in different sectors in Sofia and I can write some recommendations for students related to working life. And I can organize some development sessions to other volunteer friends for improving communication skills or team working.

Within this 2 months, I hope I can achieve my goals. I can put forth useful things for both my organisation and Erasmus+ Project. And if I can, it is also going to be perfect for my own development.

I will have the chance to try my ideas on the way to my dreams. Difficulties and obstacles can always be. But the most important thing is to not give up and making great efforts.

I believe, everything will be alright.


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