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YE "Entrepreneurial youths"

17/03 - 26/03/2017

The main theme of this Exchange is the Entrepreneurship and it will be

tackled through integrative and participative, non-formal workshops. Our

YE will take place in Bălan, Romania, a former coal mining town where the

coal mine – the main employer was totally shut down in 2010. Participants

will work together for 10 days on the YE “Entrepreneurial Youths”

discovering the meaning of entrepreneurship and developing a sense for

start-up businesses.


– To provide a meeting point for participants and facilitate their

understanding and know-how on entrepreneurship and employability.

– To familiarise the participants with the process of starting an

entrepreneurial activity.

– To design together with the participants an interactive e-platform with

information about the opportunities of young people in the entrepreneurial


Methods like brainstorming, strategic planning, preparation of business

plan and indicative planning of the costs, besides various team building

games, simulation exercises, role play exercises, competitions,

presentations, open discussion, facts and figures and creative work will be

implemented during the YE. Youngsters are working on making their own

business plan that will enable them to put their ideas into reality. Also, the

opportunity to learn about this topic in the international environment will

enable them for networking and be thinking about their businesses outside

of the national borders, i.e. on European Level. Furthermore, the

youngsters will have the chance to learn more about culture in general,

differences and similarities among different ones, as well as have a

chance to develop a link and cooperation in the future.


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