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Denitsa is sharing about her Erasmus+ experience:

The youth exchange" Europeans against racism and intolerance" took place in the village Murzasichle with a splendid view of the Tatra mountain range.

Young people from Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Hungary came together to discuss topics like Migration, Racism and Discrimination.

From the first day everyone started to connect and it did not take us a long time until we built friendships. Everyone was eager to learn and was passionate about debating. We created an atmosphere where people could express their thoughts and feelings.

On our second day we visited Zakopane, a beautiful mountain resort. We enjoyed the natural thermal water in "Gorazy Potok" after a long morning of preparing our workshops.

On the last day we worked in groups to make a video campaign using the knowledge we gained during the project.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet all these people and learn from them. It is about time that we meet again somewhere. That is why we said that there are no goodbyes but only see you laters

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