Three months are passing by, many things we’ve done, many things happens. Places, people, actions, a

I would remember, Ivan come to pick me up to the airport, I have enough luggages it seeem I would move lifetime in Bulgaria. Then I meet my colleage, Ewa and in few days many other people from ICDET. I was a bit confused, tutor, mentor, coordinator, who are they, what we are going to do together? For sure, I would have time to discover it. Now one new thing was leading our schedule, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora, for one week we will start to discover Bulgaria moreover. Taking Bulgarian train, deal with non-common language speaking and have productive communication, discover moreover where youth association can be pushed over… just simple memories I brought home from this trip. I have no clear ideas, about ICDET was doing, but for sure I come back to Sofia with a small scenario about Bulgaria in my mind.

I was pawing to the idea to do something, to work, to produce. I can finally see on my schedule activities alike “Conduct a great interview”, “video making”. The chance to make with some associates, with them between informal speeches and first recording, we finally had many materials to work with. Strive with video editing and computes skills, nice to meet again here this field accompany me for many years. I have chance to go to practice the sport of my life, skiing, yes here is Sofia you can reach the slope with public transport, amazing! Nice to discover that my tutor is somehow involved in an European youth association, ESN, it’s boost for my mind I can develop here what II have done in my last years in Bergamo with AEGEE, intercultural environment, events, new things to learn. One month is already passing over.

A new week started, with a new word: V.E.T. yes, Vocational and Educational Training, never heard before but we have chance to meet, speak, film young students from Macedonia, here in Sofia to make practical part of their secondary studies, feel ashamed I would have had the same chance when I was eighteen. We had interesting time together… Time to leave again, this time to visit friend association, Alternativi International, in Blagoevgrad and once again to concentrate in our common passion skiing. Three days in Bansko were amazing. Now our team was getting richer of a new element, we were all looking forward for many weeks. Finally Seyma from Turkey, is with us! New person, new things, new challenge for all of us. Just in time to dealing with first worries, and first understandings in our team got bigger. Next week me and Ewa went to On Arrival Training, maybe best inspiration and motivating moment of the experience, about topics, activities and connections. I will bring home, yes home I will be back for Easter now, many inspiration, information and contacts surely useful for next future. Another month is passing by...

Coming back to Sofia and nicely knew some news were waiting for us, new people in our team, Interns from Eu-gen and a new group of VET Students. April deadline was getting closer and Volunteers’ personal projects must be done, the schedule must be filled, the number of activities and expectation getting higher. We are more people in the team, but we are also more aware and responsible about the things. The media team is moving to work at full regime, between new things to do, a schedule to follow and upcoming deadlines. The tension is getting higher; I can barely hold the shot.

The experience is at the turning point, our expectation can be change to the beginning, but it’s still on our self-assessment everything we can take with us to the end.