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VIE+W | How did the "Y.E.E.H." TC help me get closer to achieving my dream

How did the project help me to get closer to achieving my dream?

The project was a great experience overall. We had a roadmap of activities. We started from thinking about problems in our countries. Then we thought how we could tackle those. Next, we chose a particular solution we wanted to develop and formed teams around it. The problem my team was dealing with is the problem of fundraising for ill people who need an immediate medical treatment. This is a very serious problem in Bulgaria. Usually there are people who can donate but as many people are poor, they don’t have the opportunity to do so. That’s why the idea I had was to create a platform for charity auctions. That way people could offer their belongings in auctions. The highest bidder gets the item and the money goes to a bank account of an ill person for medical treatment. We did a factsheet where we wrote the most important details as an outline for the project. We also had a place on the wall where we posted the result of all our work on the project.

Here it is:

We have a timeline of the project, rules for the team, our mission, and business model canvas. This helped me organize the ideas in my mind and made it clearer and easier to work on it. Now that I am in Bulgaria, I will start working on it and implementing the ideas in practice.

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