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LIFE+| EVS@ICDET Weekly Diary 1

I love my job but never more so than when writing this letter. Oh, don’t get me wrong: the incredible runway shows that display participants’ talents, inspiring everything we do at ICDET, are also superb, while the programs, I attend, places I go and people I meet are equally very special. I appreciate every wonderful moment. But for me, the standout remains curating a beautiful magazine and the pleasure of publishing the work of our brilliant team and

collaborators. In the coming weeks you will also see more thought-provoking and longer-form journalism. Last week, We started the week with a period evaluation. Last week introduces the May schedule of Е+Media4YOUth - redesigned, resized and reimagined. This week, we shared announcements for you and we will continue to share.

We looked at what we could do to produce content. E+XPO is approaching. The entire team is organized. As well, our editors will be sending out new content to you each week. I hope you are as excited as I am.

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