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LIFE+| EVS@ICDET Weekly Diary 2

Hello to everyone. We are together again at the end of a very busy week. Last week, There was First edition of E+XPO for 2018 and the whole organization worked for it. You will see the images.

Our experienced friend Denitsa shared about every Erasmus + experience. This is a story that I am very interested. I think her experiences will impress you.

Last week we celebrated 9th May European Day. That day the Sofia was really amazing. THIS month we're celebrating our second edition of Youth Vibe+s magazine alongside the E+XPO 2018.

We sincerely trust that you will have as much pleasure reading this edition of Youth Vibes Magazine as we enjoyed compiling this for you, our dear readers. Happy Reading!

Finally, do not forget to join our information contest on our website.

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