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LIFE+| EVS@ICDET Weekly Diary 3

Hello to everyone, I hope you had a good week. Although we live more and more in a digital world, it is fantastic to observe the general excitement around who graces our front page. Looking at the ourselves, this May ICDET celebrates the rise of the modest education movement. Second E+XPO is came.

Meeting the incredible people we profile in ICDET is one of the most inspiring parts of my job. While education is at the heart of everything we do, at ICDET we have always profilled and celebrated and influencers from all walks of life.

Marin Marinov, former graduate of Loveškata Language High School, gave a lecture for the eighth grades. The European Union "Youth Team had the opportunity gave to learn more about Europe and its program.

E+Media 4YOUth again this week was very busy. Videos, shootings, surveys, events, and "Second E+XPO " preparations.

We are working to provide better content to you. You will see in the coming weeks. This week we prepared our first survey and we are expecting a return from you. Our "QUIZ" was published today. I hope you will have fun because we prepared it with amusement. We are renewing more for you. You are motivating us. We are expecting more feedback.


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