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LIFE+| EVS@ICDET Weekly Diary 4

Hello to everyone.

We are living the last Sunday of May.

I hope May is a good ending for all of you.

The May was very exciting and productive in EXPO for the ICDET team. I would like to thank you all for the results of the two Expo we made. E+XPO provided a wonderful event that was filled with more information than I could possibly absorb in one week. It's great to see your feedback.

Did you see our QUIZ and poll questions? Really fun, I recommend you to take look your time. Meanwhile, The 3rd of June issue is coming. You will see experiences from new somebody trainings. I am excited while I read. Experiences always give power.

Finally, you can accessible our editors online via Facebook. You can hang out with us. Be brave - join us- your new experiences will carry you forward. Next week, E + Media4Youth team will be producing brand new content for June. See you in June. It’s time to chart a new course in learning

Stay on track!

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