LIFE+ | EVS@ICDET Weekly Diary 9

First of all let’s take a step back to the very end of previous week. Adriana, our EUgen intern, prepared, organized and facilitated and amazing training in Hotel Forum in Sofia. It was all about global education, so very useful and up-to-date topic. Thank you so much for giving us that amazing opportunity to widen our knowledge! Mauro have been recording the training leaded by Adriana.

Monday was the first day when we had a chance to work with our new colleague Oyku. She will be an intern in ICDET and we are all very happy to have you in our team, Oyku! Welcome on board!

We are not forgetting about the main topic of our EVS. Cameras and microphones are always with us, so you can expect some new publication very soon. First of all, we wanted to go further with Adriana’s event and try out our first online training. Everyone is very excited, so stay tuned and wait for the results! Mauro have chance to continue his video project about Zahari’s career in ICDET, thanks to the contribution of Nadia , he had chance to collect her memories about one last youth enchange, where Zahari has the role of Youth leader.

Personally, I was recording Polish language challenge. I want to say THANK YOU to all of you, who decided to take up that challenge with my crazy language! If somebody still wants to participate, please contact me.


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