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LIFE+| EVS@ICDET Weekly Diary 8

Somehow, I saw the time is passing by from the beginning, from the first time I shot a video, from my first interview. Watching portal I can see its aspect, innovation. Anyone of us have put efforts to improve the portal, its quality in general starting from the section moving to the whole content. You can see now first ICDETv video in 4k. My hat’s off to Ewa for Plamen interview, for the plot and the final product, you can watch it on ExploreE+ Section. You will watch very soon other realities of volunteering in Bulgaria, in Sofia, in Burgas, so on and so on. Our trip in NGOs is just began.

As I said, I feel satisfied about improvements but I hope there will be moreover, I have chance to meet a professional journalist. Half way between a wonderful workshop and an inspirational meeting, Mrs Elena Cortel from Bulgarian National Radio share with me interesting advice and insights from the professional part of her job. This is just the beginning of a collaboration between a professionist and our media youth project.

About my personal project, I have to greet Mr Ivan Ivanov for personal advices and efforts. I have feeling to be in a right way. Ivan illustrated me strategies and tricks from his personal enterprise, I have a better view how to outline the things now. I hope to see personal results, in a not too distant future. For the moment I started to produce a video where I illustrate my personal project, once again I try to fight my camera fear, you will see sonly the results…

We as team we have chance to help Adriana in her personal project; she is realizing a short training for ICDET members about global education. It is a nice outcome from Youth of the World staff training from last May, we both fell to support her in the organizational part, we fell her a team member also. This training will also contribute to enrich once again our media portal.

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